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FF Headwear has a “No Refund, No Return” policy. However, as per UK law, we can honour refunds or returns if products are faulty or do not match the product descriptions.

To process a return, please email [email protected]

Claims for damages, incorrect merchandise or shortages need to be made within five working days upon receipt of goods.

All blank headwear must be inspected before embellishing. Customers are responsible for verifying style, colour, size and quality of headwear.

Embroidered or printed headwear are not eligible for returns.

FF Headwear are not responsible for embroidery costs incurred on any returned goods.

Our minimum order quantity for the blank caps programme is 6pcs per colour or style.

Our minimum order quantity for the domestic caps programme is 18pcs per colour or style.

Our minimum order quantity for the overseas cap programme is 576pcs per colour or style.

All orders from our blank caps programme will be shipped within 48 to 72 hours.

All orders from our domestic caps programme will be shipped within 21 to 28 working days.

For shipping times on orders from our overseas cap programme, please refer to your sales manager for more information.

All orders with FF Headwear will be shipped with DHL Standard or UPS Standard, depending on the country which we are shipping to.

Please contact FF Headwear directly at [email protected] to discuss further.

Yes, you can place a back order of a style with FF Headwear

FF Headwear accepts payment from Bank Transfers, PayPal, Apple Pay or Stripe.

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FF Headwear can provide customised, branded caps. To discuss branding your caps, please email [email protected] so we can assist you.

Blank caps orders are processed are between 48 and 72 hours. All blank cap orders will be then shipped with 48 and 72 hours.

All orders from our domestic caps programme will be processed between 21 and 28 working days.

For processing times on orders from our overseas cap programme, please refer to your sales manager for more information.

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We can fit between 72 and 144pcs into 1 Master Carton

To find the right size cap and fit for your head, please consult our FF Headwear size chart.

FF Headwear accepts payments in GBP, Euro or USD

Yes, you can track your order once dispatched via your AWB number.

All orders from FF Headwear are sold Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDP) where applicable.

If you are looking to place an order more than 144pcs of 1 style or colour, you can discuss this further with the team at FF Headwear by emailing [email protected]

Flexfit® is a technology as well as a brand that combines stretch fitted caps with a comfort fit. Yupoong® caps come in various crowns and fits, typically known as Wp, Magic, Smart, X And Z shapes. We offer several Yupoong patent products under the Flexfit® technology, these include;

  • Flexfit® – The One and Only Original
  • Flexfit 210®
  • Flexfit 110®
  • Flexfit Delta®

Flexfit® caps have revolutionised comfort and technology in the headwear industry, featuring a special patented technology at their core that offers users with the perfect fit for a variety of sizes. Yupoong have applied scientific construction, considering ergonomics and ground-breaking techniques, such as combining polyurethane and elastane to create a comfortable and highly effective sweatband.

Thanks to the innovation of Yupoong, special high-tech fabrics extend right through the cap’s crown, offering all head shapes and sizes a fit that looks as perfect as it feels.

Flexfit® caps come in several technologies including: Flexfit®, Flexfit 210®, Flexfit 110®, Flexfit Delta®.

All Yupoong® caps are subject to a “zero defect” quality control process, meaning each and every hat we sell is of the highest possible quality.

We strongly recommend that you do not wash Flexfit® caps, as it can potentially damage construction. instead, we advise that when cleaning your Flexfit® cap, you do so with a damp cloth.

Flexfit® brand was invented by Benny Cho, founder of Yupoong (which was established in 1974) and launched in 1994 with technology patented worldwide.

Yupoong, Inc. Is Based In South Korea and is the trademark rights owner of Flexfit® and YP Classics® brands.

Flexfit 210® cap was Launched In 2001.

Flexfit 110® cap was Launched In 2010.

Flexfit Delta® cap was Launched In 2015.

Flexfit® technology was invented by Yupoong, Inc. South Korea.

Yupoong is a company name and Flexfit® is a brand name. We provide wholesale blank caps and custom headwear to suit your needs. We make it easy to order, customise and enjoy high-quality Yupoong® headwear.

Flexfit® Caps are made and manufactured in Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Yupoong® are best known for their reputable caps under the well-known names such as YP Classics®, YP Beanies, Flexfit®, Flexfit 210®, Flexfit 110® And Flexfit Delta®.  In addition to this, Yupoong® Caps have an unparalleled “zero defect” quality standard and are renown for the fit and comfort. Yupoong® caps are made under sustainable and ethical working conditions.

The depth of the crown a mid-profile hat sits just above the ears. while a low-profile hat has much less depth.

How you wear a Flexfit® hat is entirely up to you. it can be worn freely, visor facing view direction, as well as to the side or back.

All Flexfit® hats are produced under international corporate social responsibility standards.

Yupoong is the trademark holder of Flexfit®. We, FF Headwear (EMEI) Limited, are the official distributor Yupoong, inc.

Flexfit® Caps were introduced in 1994 by Yupoong, Inc.

Yupoong is used by many of the world’s leading brands, including: Puma, Levi’s, Huf And Mitchell And Ness to name a few. Yupoong® caps are trusted by numerous leading brands, thanks to the rigorous zero defect quality process, along with Yupoong’s sustainable and ethical working conditions.

Yupoong is a headwear company that was established in Seoul, Korea in 1974. it manufacturers headwear which today is known under the names of Flexfit®, Flexfit 210®, Flexfit 110® And Flexfit Delta®.

Recently, Yupoong launched a range of caps to serve the promotional market were launched under the “YP” symbol which is a trademark of Yupoong.

Yupoong consists of two characters; Yu (俞) And Poong (潘). Yu means “Us” and Poong means “Bountiful”. As such, the term “Yupoong” can be interpreted as “Because of us, those around us will live bountiful, enriched lives”.

The two colours of the Yupoong logo have deeper connotations. the blue symbolizes Yupoong’s creative spirit in reaching higher. while the red symbolizes Yupoong’s dynamic mindsets and passions.

The Yupoong logo espouses the ideology of a futuristic company that is always advancing and satisfying the needs of all clients.

Since the 1970s, Yupoong has been driven by a desire to achieve innovation, excellent quality and outstanding service. its beginnings may have been humble, but its reputation is superb and is growing every year. Always the front-runner in the industry, the south Korean company is known for such headwear creativity as the stretch-fit technology found in the Flexfit® cap.

Today, it deservedly boasts an impressive list of well-known clients, and this portfolio is growing by the day.


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