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If you’re looking for a truly iconic cap that combines classic style with the latest manufacturing technology, then look no further than Yupoong caps. They’re a street and fashion favourite, as well as being hugely popular as workwear.

With a focus on fit, material and quality, they combine innovative manufacturing techniques with great design. Yupoong produces a range of high-quality headwear to suit every occasion, including snapbacks and 5-panel caps, all of which include the latest technology to ensure a perfect lasting fit.


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Yupoong ® Caps FAQs

Are Yupoong and Flexfit the same?

Yupoong and Flexfit are two names that are synonymous with iconic headwear. Flexfit is the global distributor of Yupoong hats. We provide wholesale blank caps and custom headwear to suit your needs. We make it easy to order, customise and enjoy high-quality Yupoong headwear.

Is Yupoong a brand?

Yupoong is a leading South Korean brand with global recognition. With over 40 years of experience, our name and iconic headwear have been at the forefront of global fashion and sport. Today Yupoong is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of caps, hats and all forms of headwear.

What brands use Yupoong?

Yupoong is a brand with global reach. Our classic, high-quality headwear is used by many high-profile brands looking for iconic, customised merchandise. Our list of famous brand customers includes Fox, Alpinestars and Metal Mulisha.

Where are Yupoong caps made?

Yupoong is a leading South Korean company. In 2000, we opened our first factory in Bangladesh. 2 years later, we established the Yupoong factory in Vietnam. Within these factories, we produce over 80 million hats annually.

Who makes Yupoong hats?

Yupoong hats are manufactured by Yupoong, a leading South Korean company who are headquartered in Seoul. Always the front-runner in the industry, the South Korean company is known for such headwear creativity as the stretch-fit technology found in the Flexfit® cap.

Where is Yupoong located?

Yupoong is a leading global headwear brand headquartered in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The company has manufacturing plants in both Bangladesh and Vietnam and supplies over 80 million hats annually.

What are Yupoong hats?

Yupoong is a leading South Korean brand that designs and manufactures iconic headwear. Used by some of the world’s leading brands, Yupoong headwear is perfect whether hats are needed for performance or to complement a style.

Are Yupoong hats good?

Yupoong is synonymous with quality. We combine the best of style and technology to provide high-quality caps that are used by an array of top-name clients. Through continued innovation and development Yupoong produces headwear that is more than simply a cap.

How to pronounce Yupoong

Yupoong is a South Korean word and is pronounced; ‘Yuh Poon’.

What is a Yupoong snapback?

Yupoong Snapbacks are legendary high-quality hats that are made from a premium blend of fabrics and materials. They are available in an extensive range of fabrics and materials. Snapbacks are known for their closure option and the snapping sound they make when attached or loosened.

Where to buy Yupoong hats

Yupoong hats are available worldwide from a growing range of retailers. An extensive range of wholesale hats is available from the Flexfit Cap Store.

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